Please contact us at (408) 921-1122 if you need a group testing service.

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Concerned for our community and at a time when COVID-19 is impacting lives, Sanocal Health is focused on providing a no-cost service that is accessible to everybody. Our culture is one of dedication, compassion and precision. In partnership with Predicine, we offer high-quality and professional testing services to cater to customized needs and ensure rapid response in optimum time.

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Sanocal currently maintains 4 drive-thru tests points for patients who meet CDC’s current guidance for evaluation of Covid-19 infection. Highly trained and professional staff are on hand, offering sample collection at the sites given below, for your convenience.


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If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 or feel unwell, get tested – even if you have been vaccinated.…


PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction and is also called a RT-PCR test. Generally accepted as the most…

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